Chiquita bananas crowdsourcing designs for little blue stickers

By T.L. Stanley on Thu Sep 9 2010


Hey look, a banana hammock that isn't gross and awful! This design is one of 50 consumer-generated images vying to be slapped on Chiquita bananas. The marketer is toying with its iconic blue sticker—or rather, allowing others to do so—for the first time in 50 years. After collecting hundreds of new designs from the public, it's time to vote on the 50 finalists. Among the designs are lots of adorable ones—Keane-style big-eyed kids, smiley faces, monkeys. A few that are vaguely pornographic didn't make the cut, because, well, naked bananas are kind of disturbing. The finalists range from graphic to goofy, with some fine lucha libre masks in the mix. Eighteen winners will see their creations on display at grocery stores across the country. Voting ends Sunday, and results come out the next day. Check out all the submissions here.

Brands line up for Undercover Boss' kid gloves treatment

By T.L. Stanley on Thu Jul 29 2010
Undercover-boss  Producers of the surprise CBS hit Undercover Boss had an uphill slog in the first season getting CEOs of recognizable companies to agree to expose internal flaws and problems for a national prime-time audience. (The docudrama follows that incognito honcho as he finds out about ills in the system and promises to fix them). Now that the show's a ratings winner, bigwigs are coming out of the woodwork to get their brands featured on the feel-good hour. They've also discovered that it's not actually a warts-and-all look into the corporation. More like a couple warts, followed by a quick resolution. Cue tears! CBS just announced the lineup at Wednesday morning's kickoff of the annual Television Critics Association press tour in L.A. Next season, look for top dogs from NASCAR (Steve Phelps, svp and CMO), DirecTV (Mike White, chairman, president and CEO), Chiquita Brands International (Fernando Aguirre, chairman and CEO) and Great Wolf Resorts (Kimberly K. Schaefer, CEO). And definitely expect more water works.



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