Singing cookies give way to dancing humans in Chips Ahoy! ads

Posted on Fri May 28 2010

What is it about Chips Ahoy! that makes kids start dance, dance, dancing when they see them? Kraft calls it the "little happy cookie dance," referring to what happens when fans of the chocolate-chip cookies see Mom take them out of the cupboard. Now, the food giant has set aside its Cookie Guys—those larger-than-life, clay-animated cookie characters that advertised the brand for eight years—in favor of a campaign showing real people dancing while eating the cookies. The spot here, by Draftfcb, New York, also introduces a new tagline: "There's a lotta joy in Chips Ahoy!" It's set to the tune of the 1979 R&B hit "Bustin' Loose" by Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers. BrandFreak will admit the ads are catchy, but sure does miss those good ol' Cookie Guys. Their sense of humor—despite the threat of always being eaten—extends even to the microwave, as evidenced in this "Big Meltdown" spot.

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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