Crunchy Cheetos and Puffy Cheetos fight to death in Web game

Posted on Wed Jun 30 2010


"Everyone appreciates a good food fight. So does Cheetos," writes our snack contact at PepsiCo-owned Frito-Lay. (Hell yes!) The opponents in a new online Battle of the Cheetos game from the cheese-curl brand are Crunchy Cheetos and Puffy Cheetos. Choose one or the other, and let's hope your warrior is tough enough "to survive and not turn to crumbs," writes the Frito-Lay rep. You can play on your own or against friends who happen to be online (hey, this is the digital/social age). To make your army stronger, simply collect more "Cheetle" (that's brand-speak for Cheeto crumbs). The game is supported online by a range of partner sites, including, Digg and Boing Boing. We just tried the game. Team Puffy. Argh, Chester, we let you down!

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Enjoy golf-ball-size Cheetos balls (rocket launcher not included)

Posted on Wed Apr 1 2009

Ah, those giant puffy Cheetos balls. Have you tried? PepsiCo's snacks division, Frito-Lay, is rolling out new, golf-ball-size versions of its Cheetos cheese balls today. The move is part of the brand's mission to reach adult snackers via instant office stress relief. (Possible uses for the cheese de-stresser, per Frito-Lay: "Replace your boss's stress ball with a Giant Cheetos ball and watch the fun crumble." Or even worse: "Fill the boss's umbrella with Giant Cheetos and then close it back up. Next time it gets cloudy, wait for it to rain cheese." How cheesy.) One thing's for sure: These finger-lickin' puffs get more and more addictive by the bite. So much so that, during a recent cubicle snacking session, we were basically licking the cheese off our fingers, until we heard our boss's footsteps. Not wanting to be caught, we had to tee off! (OK, that's even cheesier.)

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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