Charmin belts out toilet humor with 'Bathrooms Over Broadway'

Posted on Tue Jan 5 2010

Nothing really surprises New Yorkers, who have pretty much seen it all. That is, until Charmin came up with the idea of a musical in a bathroom. The toilet-paper maker on Dec. 29 delighted an audience visiting its restrooms in Times Square with a production of "Bathrooms on Broadway," a cheeky 15-minute musical featuring several Broadway stars. Charmin stole the spotlight (along with its bear mascots) and got the starring "roll," as the company notes in a press release. The brand has turned a very private activity into a public affair. Its Times Square venue is equipped with family photo areas, a digital graffiti wall and a "can-fessional" booth, as well as 20 bathrooms for passersby to "enjoy the go." A Broadway show taking place in a bathroom is pretty silly, but beyond the fun, Charmin's intention was to support a charitable cause and raise AIDS awareness with non-profit Broadway Cares. So, kudos to Charmin for choosing a location where it knew people would show up.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina

If you love going to the potty, Charmin has the perfect job for you

Posted on Mon Nov 2 2009

To anyone who thinks babysitting temporary bathrooms in New York's Times Square is a lame gig, you've obviously never seen anyone do the pee-pee dance. Side splitting! And just so you know, Charmin Ambassadors, I expect to see just this kind of video flooding out of the potties and onto your blogs. That's the least you can do for your $10,000. For the uninitiated, Procter & Gamble's Charmin is launching a "relief" program for the fourth straight year for Big Apple holiday shoppers and members of the public who have precious few places to tinkle (the sidewalk doesn't count). The new twist this season is that the marketer is looking for "five super-fun, enthusiastic" people to staff the facility for a month, greet and entertain the masses and blog about the experience. Auditions are happening Thursday, and I can only hope that a lot of creative folks show up. Brilliance, and the return of the pogo, could ensue. 

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

How nasty is that toilet? Charmin does the dirty work to find out

Posted on Thu Mar 19 2009

Sit or squat

Procter & Gamble's Charmin has partnered with SitOrSquat, a Web site that allows picky pottygoers to identify the cleanest (or dirtiest) toilets around. The application is available for download on most BlackBerrys and iPhones. Users enter their target city and state, and a host of available toilets—all "sit" or "squat"—pop up. The clean freaks at BrandFreak were a bit skeptical, so we punched in our hometown—Philadelphia, Pa.—to give it a try. The elegant French hotel Sofitel in Center City was a must-"sit" (according to one user's review), but the bathrooms at the highly crowded Reading Terminal Market were a "squat," indeed. "Really gross. Emergencies only!" one post reads. Agreed! Agreed!

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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