Chanel believes temporary tattoos will be fashion's next big thing

Posted on Mon Feb 1 2010


Now, consumers can flaunt their Chanel fake tatts alongside their faux designer handbags. This spring, Chanel is selling "Les Trompe L'Oeil de Chanel" Temporary Skin Art, a sort of pricey update of the rub-on tattoos you got with your bubble gum when you were a kid. The "limited edition" of 55 designs goes on sale in the middle of this month for $75 a pop. Already, fashionistas are heralding this kind of body art, or "beauty branding," as the next big thing. Belgian makeup artist Peter Philips, global creative director for Chanel makeup, drew the designs for Chanel's spring/summer collection runway show in October, where Karl Lagerfeld's Parisian models improbably romped in piles of hay as they showed off his pricey designs. Just as implausible may have once been the thought that tattoos—the stuff of Hells Angels, convicts and street gangs—should cross over to haute couture. But according to Selfridges beauty director David Walker-Smith: "Chanel tattoos will be on every beauty queen's lust list. Body art is a big trend for 2010, and we predict a waiting-list frenzy."

—Posted by Noreen O'Leary

Audrey Tatou's film for Chanel No. 5 offers plenty of life lessons

Posted on Thu May 7 2009

The bad news: It's like one of those French movies your wife drags you to. The good news: It's only 2 minutes and 20 seconds long. This latest Chanel No. 5 ad is a mini movie featuring a real actress (Audrey Tatou). She is first shown rushing to get on a train—a nice old restored one, by the looks of it. Certainly puts New Jersey Transit to shame. The next thing you know, she's peering out a window onto a hallway on the train when a handsome stranger walks by and—this is rather forward—leans in kissing-distance close to her and then walks away. Maybe she dreamed it? That night, Tatou is getting ready for bed in the bathroom, with her Chanel No. 5 handy, when a conductor barges in and asks for a passport. He knocks but doesn't give her time to react. That's sort of rude. What if she were "indisposed"? Anyway, that night on the train is a restless one. Tatou can't sleep, and the Handsome Stranger didn't even try, by the looks of it. He considers knocking on her door, but then stops himself. (If only the conductor had been as thoughtful.) Next stop, Istanbul. Tatou gets out, takes in the city a bit, and then goes on a boat ride. As she takes a few pictures of a passing boat, she looks in the camera's viewfinder and sees ... the Handsome Stranger. He was on that boat! The video concludes with the two finally meeting up in what looks like a train station, though it doesn't explain how they finally linked up. The moral: Seize the moment. Or always check your viewfinder. Or maybe take an Ambien or two before that night-train journey to Istanbul. Oh, and don't forget the Chanel No. 5.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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