Homemade Trader Joe's commercial gets the place just right

Posted on Tue Feb 10 2009

The grocery chain Trader Joe's doesn't advertise much. But apparently they don't have to. Like Apple's rabid fans, Trader Joe's customers will create their own ads.
  In truth, the brand would have a hard time topping this homegrown commercial, which clocks in at close to three minutes and has logged nearly 40,000 views on YouTube. Set to the tune of the bossa nova classic "Águas de Março" and shot with a Palm Treo, the ad shows the good, bad and ugly of Trader Joe's, from the "strange little snacks" you wind up buying to "a bottle of juice with a crazy name" to the "$2 wine that tastes like $4." The song also notes the full parking lots and the "beautiful moms in their yoga clothes." It's hard to explain to someone unfamiliar with the place, but all this stuff really does add up to an enjoyable shopping experience. Thanks to David Armano of Critical Mass for bringing this video to our attention.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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