Further proof that the newspaper industry has gone to the dogs

Posted on Mon Mar 30 2009


People, as we're told again and again, just don't want to read newspapers anymore. That dismal reality has meant drastic cutbacks at most every tabloid and broadsheet. But things couldn't be better over at the West Highland Herald, which launched just today and is already being nosed through by panting readers across the country. Haven't heard of it? Oh, that's because you're not a dog.
  To add some woof to the launch of its new Sunrise breakfast-entree line, dog-food company Cesar (which makes "canine cuisine" exclusively for small breeds) is printing the first-ever newspaper that pledges to "portray the world from a small dog's point of view." The inaugural issue, created by BBDO's San Francisco office, features stories about new software that enables dogs to understand humans, an Oregon bulldog's quest to see in color, and a scandal piece about a dachshund photographed inside a hot-dog bun. What's a newspaper got to do with gourmet dog chow? Ceasar's top dog of marketing says that "breakfast time can be a bonding experience for small dogs and their owners." Even more so, presumably, when Fido has a paper to read, just like his master. The idea is cute, even if the master has canceled his own subscription. Street teams will distribute the Herald—including a possible second edition—until the end of next month. And when it's all over, well, you know Fido uses the newspaper for more than reading, anyway.

—Posted by Robert Klara



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