'Adult Swim' festival bringing jollification to fanboys everywhere

Posted on Tue Apr 20 2010


Any event that has a Meatwad tent has got to be a rager. (Coachella didn't have one of those!) It's springtime, so the touring entertainment season has started, and Cartoon Network is on the road with the Adult Swim Block Party and Ragbag of Jollification. (That really is a word, by the way, defined in Monty Python-esque terms as "a boisterous celebration; a merry festivity.") Since I don't live anywhere near Athens, Ga., Austin, Texas, Lawrence, Kan., West Lafayette, Ind., or a handful of other small towns, I won't be listening to the live music, winning Aqua Teen Hunger Force swag or playing carnival-themed games. Sometime life's just not fair. But anyway, this tour is all about the college kids—guys, mostly, who make Adult Swim one of the highest-rated blocks of programming on late-night TV. Capcom and T-Mobile, smartly getting in front of that elusive demo, are sponsoring. Video game marketer Capcom is setting up new releases like Super Street Fighter and Dead Rising 2 at kiosks in the aforementioned Meatwad tent. T-Mobile will show off its new touch-screen smartphone with access to Adult Swim content. The fun continues through the end of the month. And the fanboys rejoice.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Is the PG 'Pink Panther' really what Peter Sellers had in mind?

Posted on Mon Feb 2 2009

The famous bumbling French detective Inspector Clouseau, now played by comedian Steve Martin, will spend time with Cartoon Network movie-fan puppets Jib & Crash for an on-air stunt to promote Friday's release of Pink Panther 2.
  The 60-second vignette will air this week on the kid-targeted cable channel, touting the movie franchise's new positioning as slapstick, safe, all-family fare. No subtlety or nuance here. Just straight-out pratfalls and goofiness. That reimagining of the classic Peter Sellers movie series happened in 2006, when Sony re-edited a finished version of the Pink Panther remake (the studio had inherited the film from MGM), cutting out all the naughty bits and earning it a PG rating.
  The tactic not only worked—the to tune of $158.8 million in worldwide grosses—it has spawned a viable franchise that could exist as long as the studio wants to produce it, proving that Hollywood will never go broke going for a squeaky-clean style for this audience.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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