Carnival Cruise Lines and Arnold are bringing the sea to the city

Posted on Tue Mar 10 2009

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Walk around any major city right now, and you're likely to notice something: a hell of a lot of abandoned storefronts. But where you and I might see the signs of a prolonged economic downturn, Arnold and Carnival Cruise Lines see an opportunity. The ad agency and its client, which turned heads with their big balls last year, are now rolling out virtual aquariums in Baltimore, Houston, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C. The computer-animated aquariums are designed to engage passersby who presumably will be tickled by Carnival's thoughtfulness. The cruise line hopes pedestrians linger a while and whip out their mobile phones, which they can use to create their own personalized fish. Hey, why not? Free entertainment, right? The idea, like so much electronic outdoor media these days, is not only to hawk the product (in this case, cruises to warmer locales) but to "engage." Beats looking at graffiti-ed plywood in any case.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Carnival counting on big balls to make impression with cruisers

Posted on Wed Dec 31 2008

You've got to applaud Carnival Cruise Lines for taking an unexpected approach in its latest marketing.
  Ad agency Arnold, which featured the standard fun-and-sun imagery for years when it handled Royal Caribbean, takes a totally different approach here. The run-up to Carnival's big media buy (with ads breaking in earnest since Christmas) consisted mainly of stunt-marketing exercises with a giant piñata and a giant beach ball emerging as central icons.
  After building some buzz, footage from those events graces commercials that play down actual cruising, yet still manage to capture a sense of carefree and slightly irreverent fun. There's also the sight of a huge multicolored inflatable ball bounce around the concrete canyons of landlocked downtown Dallas—surprising imagery that might just keep some viewers from turning away.
  It should also tip the scales against Dallas as a rival getaway option, if only because the place seems filled with unstable, anti-social types who get off on pushing big balls from rooftops onto unsuspecting passersby below.

—Posted by David Gianatasio



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