Carl's Jr. munches on some 'Green Hornet' in unlikely placement

By T.L. Stanley on Thu Dec 2 2010

It's a distant memory that the upcoming comic-based action flick The Green Hornet got shopped to auto manufacturers as part of a whopping $35 million product placement deal. (This was 2003, but that seems like a very long time ago. Back then, there was a decent amount of interest from marketers in putting their nameplate on the hero car, the Black Beauty. It would've been record-breaking in car/movie marriages if it had happened.) Now, after years of development hell and script, studio, director and star changes, there's—wait for it—a Carl's Jr. tie-in! Carl's Jr.? Anyway, throw in sister chain Hardee's and it's a national promo and a source of added media for the movie, which needs all the help it can get launching in the early-January dead zone. The burger chain is giving away a tricked-out version of the Black Beauty, a vintage Chrysler Imperial, and just released its first commercial with stars Seth Rogan and Jay Chou as the movie's masked crime fighters. The spot blends explosions, gadgets and wisecracks in a way that's probably indicative, judging by early reports, of what we can expect from the flick. In other words, yikes. At least the car's really hot.

Mmm, I cannot resist you, footlong cheeseburger from Carl's Jr.

By David Kiefaber on Tue Jul 13 2010


Carl's Jr., better known as Hardee's to East Coasters like myself, is testing out a rollicking Footlong Cheeseburger, better known as a cheeseburger sub, which is drawing comparisons in the unhealthiness department to KFC's Double Down. They aren't even putting any kind of unique Carl's Jr./Hardee's spin on it—the sandwich is literally several hamburger patties laid end to end inside a sub roll. Which is probably delicious, yes, but hardly worth much attention, since any pizza place worth its rarely cleaned oven offers cheeseburger subs. Still, Foodbeast stirs the pot with the comparison to the Double Down. I hope Hardee's isn't simply joining the arms race toward every more unhealthy foods. The concept of mutually assured destruction isn't very comforting when you're talking about your arteries.

Carl's Jr. teaching young men a new catch phrase: 'Whaaaaat?'

Posted on Wed Apr 1 2009

Carl's Jr. enlisted Attention Span Media to create new spots and a Web series that appeal to the (short) attention spans of hungry young men. The clips really beg the question, "WTF?" But they actually ask the tamer question, "Whaaaaat?" The two spots above, both set at bars, feature young guys who see extraordinary things happen right in front of their eyes, prompting them to utter the line, which Carl's Jr. hopes will become a new popular catch phrase. There must have been a time when you ordered a Bourbon Manhattan cocktail and wished it were a juicy, bourbon-sauce-smothered burger. I doubt the same thing could be said for a tentacled flirtatious brunette, though. Attention Span Media is also producing a popular and frequently Hulu'ed show, Dorm Life, which is also sponsored by Carls' Jr.

—Posted by Yana Polikarpov

'Top Chef' hosts' palate pleasers: cheeseburgers and Diet Coke

Posted on Thu Mar 26 2009

Making a career out of judging dishes created by some of the country’s brightest culinary minds requires a discerning set of taste buds. But sometimes, you just want to sit down and let those taste buds bask in the glory of layers of bacon, beef and cheese, and wash it down with a sodie-pop. How else to explain Padma Lakshmi's steamy new Hardee's/Carl's Jr. commercial, or this Diet Coke spot with Tom Colicchio? Kudos to you, Top Chef hosts, for telling America its still OK to enjoy food and drink we can actually pronounce. Personally, I think Ms. Lakshmi looks more like the svelte diet-cola drinker, whereas Tom, well ... you get the idea.

—Posted by Yana Polikarpov

Carl's Jr. wants to cure your case of the common crabs

Posted on Thu Feb 19 2009

Greenburrito Let's face it, a lot of men have a case of the crabs. No, not those crabs...rather that irritable, annoyed, 'I got to eat something' condition. Carl’s Jr. says it now has the cure. It is encouraging men to get their dose of Green Burrito Crisp Burritos at their local Carl's Jr. No appointment or prescription is necessary. The new green burritos come in three or five pieces depending on the severity of the problem. The CKE Restaurants-owned chain, known for its randy marketing, has also added another type of green to its menu, namely its first  eco-friendly flagship restaurant. Still, we don't have to worry about them becoming too politically correct. After all, they were the creators of the awesomely inappropriate Hardee’s "Slotcar" video.

—Posted by Yana Polikarpov



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