Caribou wants your pithy words of wakefulness on a coffee cup

By Elaine Wong on Mon Aug 23 2010


For those of you who dread Mondays, read this: "Life is short. Stay awake for it." Yes, that's the slogan of Caribou Coffee's latest campaign. Now, the coffee company is asking you what you stay awake for. With help from ad agency Colle + McVoy, it's launched Make the Cup, a site where you can type in captions (and even upload photos and videos) explaining what kinds of inspirational things wake you up. The best caption submissions sent in by Sept. 13 will indeed make the cup—and be seen by thousands of Caribou Coffee drinkers nationwide. Hmmm, now this gets our groggy brain thinking early in the week!

Just a pumpkin and a gourd, having their coffee and a little chat

Posted on Wed Sep 9 2009

"Cute" is probably the best way to describe Caribou Coffee's fall campaign, a series of five animated YouTube shorts featuring Jack (a pumpkin) and Gourdo (a gourd). The two banter back and forth in that dry Bob-and-Ray style, but I wonder if the 30-second format is too constraining, since it results too often in the comic-strip-like set-up/punch-line format. Still, the campaign, from Colle+McVoy, has its moments, like when Gourdo dreams of becoming a somewhat older gourd with a sombrero surrounded by maracas, and when Jack appears ready to attack Gourdo with a knife. Most intriguing is Jack's voice. After hearing the commercials a few times, I was pretty sure it was Ron Livingston, or a guy who sounds just like him. Now, I'm told it's Joe Weismann, with Dan Mandle voicing Gourdo.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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