Curaçao won't mind at all if you can't even pronounce its name

Posted on Fri Jan 16 2009

Willemstad copy

Maybe it's my West Coast bias, but when a Caribbean island markets itself with the tagline "Curaçao now," I think less about the secluded beaches, championship golf and rich local cuisine, and more about the smell of napalm in the morning and moody Doors music.
  "Curaçao now" is the theme of a seasonal promotion in which visitors to the island off the Venezuelan coast receive $700 in value-added savings if they book their vacations before March 15.
  Now, I don't know crap about Curaçao (that's apparently a pic of Willemstad, the capital), but I have a sweet spot for Polynesian drinks served in tiki mugs, and therefore a working knowledge of the island's most famous export: the blue-hued goo named after it. But I wonder if the average person even knows how to pronounce the island's name—it's "cure a sow," which thus rhymes with "now."
  The current promotion must have worked before, as the press release notes that it's a returning offer. "It's baaack," the release says, which brought another disturbing film to mind.
  The horror, the horror ...

—Posted by Becky Ebenkamp



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