Help keep CareerBuilder's underwear people off the Super Bowl

Posted on Wed Jan 13 2010

People do some fairly inappropriate and sometimes disgusting things in offices, if I remember correctly from my years in various grungy newsrooms. I've tried to block those images from my subconscious, and I'm not so hot on having them resurrected. That's why I would rather see a commercial called "Job Fairy" (shown here) win the "Hire My TV Ad" contest and get on the Super Bowl. Joan Napoleon, an analyst at a metro transportation authority in New Jersey, already won $100,000 for the quirky/clever ad she created using her co-workers as actors. (No word on where the squirrels came from.) Now, she's locked in battle with the other finalist, a surfer dude whose ad features a lot of cubicle jockeys in their tighty whities. Nooo! As a "bonus," there's a "too hot for TV" ad available for viewing, though it's not officially part of the sweeps. Its major props are farts and a disposable lighter. Just gross. Vote for your favorite here. The winner won't know until he/she sees the spot on game day. Go, Joan!

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

CareerBuilder wants you to make its Super Bowl ad for next year

Posted on Fri May 15 2009

CareerBuilder is hailing its idea to solicit ad ideas from the proles for its 2010 Super Bowl spot as a "bold new marketing strategy," when it's really a tacit admission that the ads they've commissioned from real agencies were mostly terrible. (Yeah, the chimp stuff was OK, but its 2009 entry, shown here, was pretty damn depressing.) Nevertheless, they've set up a contest at, where the public "can submit 25-second videos to be considered for CareerBuilder's return to the Big Game." The winning ad will net its creator $100,000, and CareerBuilder will develop his or her idea in-house. Not bad. Participants should keep a general theme in mind—it will affect whether their ad plays near the beginning of the game (comedic physical injury), in the middle (schmaltzy feel-good pap), or at the end (grab bag, and repeats of earlier ads). This probably can't hurt CareerBuilder's image, anyway, and it might actually build some guy or girl's career for much less than the cost of a legit ad agency. Or better, it might coax Eagle Man out of retirement.

—Posted by David Kiefaber



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