Capri Sun pouches have magical ability to destroy your children

Posted on Wed Mar 3 2010

You won't get bored watching these new Capri Sun ads, created by Ogilvy for a campaign dubbed "Disrespectoids." In each of the 30-second spots, children are transformed into an animal or an object when they "disrespect" a Capri Sun pouch. There are four characters: Balloona Luna, a girl on a swing who gives away her Capri Sun pouch, turns into a balloon animal, and floats away; Chewie Stewie, a boy who makes a dog chase his pouch and then turns in a chew toy; Sandy Mandy, a girl on a beach who buries her pouch in the sand and turns into a sand sculpture; and Sloe Moe, a boy who throws his pouch into a swimming pool and turns into a turtle. While the tone is supposed to be comical, there is something creepy about kids transforming into objects, especially in the case of Sandy Mandy. The sand sculpture (which resembles the little girl) blinks and then loses an arm as waves hit the shore. Perhaps my motherly instincts prevent me from laughing at this ad. Kids, on the other hand, might find it quite funny. After all, that's who Capri Sun is targeting.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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