'Resident Evil' trailer actually lets you shoot at the damn zombies

Posted on Thu Nov 12 2009


"Shoot them in the head!" demands the voice emanating from the speakers on my Mac, and the next thing I know, I'm aiming with my mouse and actually firing at zombies with a click. This is one of the nifty features from this Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles trailer. While I always tend to find these cinematic, Hollywood-wannabe game ads kind of cheesy, this one is really intense. Why? Because it actually engages the viewer. When the voice screamed "Shoot them in the head!" I tried to, and then my screen started to shatter and blood began to splatter. And when it was over, I found myself thinking, "Maybe I should buy that game." Well done, Capcom. For a game that is 13 years old, you've found a way to keep it fresh and even potentially change the way video games are marketed online.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein

Dismemberment-themed guerrilla stunts guaranteed to offend

Posted on Tue Mar 17 2009

Decapitation brandfreak

Imagine the pitch for this guerrilla marketing stunt: There will be blood. And realistic-looking severed limbs and decapitated heads tossed around London. The person who gathers the most body parts and drags them across town in broad daylight will win. What could possibly go wrong?
  Video game maker Capcom found out when some freaked-out locals called the police about the recent promotion for Resident Evil 5. Stray critters ate the raw chicken livers that had been tucked around the limbs for realism, and a number of body parts simply went missing. All together now: Eeewww! The eventual winner, a 26-year-old IT guy from North London, told GameZine that the body parts were "realistic enough to be confused with the real thing." At the finish line, he hoisted a couple of disembodied heads to celebrate his vacation to Africa prize. (Click over to the GameZine site for more grody pics.)
  Marketing in the U.S. for the zombie-killing game, the latest in a wildly popular franchise, wisely skipped the twisted scavenger hunt. There's been a heavy viral component, a PlayStation Home partnership and 60-second ads on Spike, Comedy Central and other cable networks. Expect to see them frequently during March Madness. So, any severed limbs that turn up in your town? Alert the authorities.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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