Candie's shows Britney before and after airbrushing in new ads

Posted on Wed Apr 14 2010


Britney Spears could be trying to make a statement about airbrushing, or hoping to get her new ad campaign noticed, or letting her sistas know that she, too, has dimples on her thighs. Fact is, she may've accomplished all that and more. The pop star, who's been endorsing the Candie's fashion line since last spring, with the brand sponsoring her Circus tour, released before-and-after-retouching photos of herself for Candie's latest print campaign. In the unaltered swimsuit photos, she's a little bigger, and little less smooth and every bit as hot. The photoshopped pics are glossy and gorgeous. And fantasy. I couldn't stop comparing the two long enough to pay attention to what the ad is supposed to be selling. Shoes? Hmm. Candie's will get lots of coverage from this stunt, and Brit Brit will earn some props. If the footwear moves, I'd say that's a bonus.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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