Canadian Mist whisky can teach you a thing or two about booze

Posted on Thu Aug 6 2009


Many have looked deep into the bottom of a glass for answers. After lots of tequila shooters, some believed they had those answers, only to end up with bruises, in prison or worse. But Canadian Mist isn't interested in its alcohol providing answers. Rather, it wants to provide answers about alcohol. Like, how does champagne stay carbonated? Why are you supposed to pour the liquor before the mixer? And does the shape of the glassware really matter? All of these subjects and more are addressed via the whisky brand's "Science Behind the Cocktail" tour, which debuts today at the Sugar Cube Building in Denver. Here, "spirits scientist" Steve Hughes and Brown-Forman's "chief entertaining officer" Tim Laird will be on hand to deliver the lessons. This after-hours event is hitting arts and science museums across the country through next March. If you do attend, though, just don't ask them any of the really hard questions, like the meaning of life, why your relationship isn't working or whether or not they want to take it outside.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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