Howie Long becomes an arrogant ass in new Chevy campaign

Posted on Tue Jan 13 2009

[Reposting this from yesterday, now that we have the ads.] That Howie Long sure is a jerk. Or at least, the Campbell-Ewald copywriters on the new Chevy ads have scripted him to be one. See five ads from the campaign here. In one new Silverado spot, a heavy man gracelessly steps out of the flatbed of a Ford F-150. Long tells the embarrassed-looking fellow that he forgot to put his "man step" up—alluding to a feature on the truck that's evidently for wussies only. Long's delivery completely smacks of the arrogant jock making fun of the fat kid in school. In another ad, Howie ridicules a metrosexual for enjoying his heated steering wheel. But the one I found most absurd was his pitch for the Chevy Traverse. Long takes aim at the Honda Pilot's poor storage capacity. Having owned a Pilot in the past, I know it has tons of storage space. It seems like an odd thing to pick on. Perhaps Long could have just said, "Hey, Honda, up your nose with a rubber hose," or spouted off some "Your mama" jokes. All in all, it's another reason he should never have left those RadioShack ads.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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