Soo the Korean cow dreams of a better life in sunny California

Posted on Wed Mar 4 2009

The world is indeed getting smaller, with even the popular "happy cows" from California recruiting new spokesbovines from the Pacific Rim. The anthropomorphic ad campaign for California Milk Advisory Board has already had an international flavor, with cows from Canada and the U.K. "auditioning" to become part of the famous on-screen herd. Now, there's a South Korean cow named Soo who sings a little surfer song and talks in her bio about "studying very hard the glorious food, palm trees and sunshine that make up your wonderful state." It's all in Korean, with subtitles. Good way to skip right over that trap of having an adorable "foreign" animal speaking with a heavy and possibly offensive accent. And it sure makes you do a double take when you hear Korean spoken during daytime TV.
  The happy cows, created by Deutsch/LA, have been around since 2000, and have spawned their own DVDs and merchandise. They're also credited with helping California challenge Wisconsin as the nation's top cheese and milk seller. There are lots of talking-animal ads out there, with a PETA protest for nearly every one, but you have to admit, Soo the cow is cute overload. In a good way.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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