Calgon wants videos of your stressful 'Take me away!' moments

By Todd Wasserman on Wed Aug 25 2010

If you were born before, say, 1980, you probably remember the "Calgon, take me away!" tagline, which was sort of the "Serenity now!" of the pre-Seinfeld era. The premise of those bath-soap ads: An overworked woman starts stressing about her boss, the baby, the traffic, etc., and then utters the catchphrase. Cut to her luxuriating in a bath. Now, after years of obscurity, Calgon is back. Not surprisingly, the brand, working with ad agency Alliance, is exhuming its old tagline with a social-media twist: Consumers are now asked to send in YouTube videos of themselves explaining what stresses them out. The winner gets $1,000. So far, most entries are pretty lame. One woman complains that her kitchen is messy. Another pretends to miss a train. One that stands out (shown here) is a woman who recreates an incident in which she walked around the office with toilet paper spilling out of the back of her pants. Give that lady some Calgon, and the $1,000.



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