Trident gum is totally, hopelessly in love with Joe Biden's teeth

Posted on Wed Jan 21 2009


Newly minted vice president Joe Biden is known for the pearls of wisdom that flow from his always-open mouth, but who knew his pearly whites had a fan club, too?
  It appears Cadbury-Adams' Trident brand has set up—or, more likely, aligned itself with—a Web shrine devoted to Biden's chompers. Visitors to can get free gum by uploading their own grinning mugs. Or they can simply drop by to admire the veep's glistening incisors, canines and near-holy molars, accompanied by phony Joe quotes in talk bubbles, like, "There is no greater form of domestic terrorism than the plaque on your teeth." There's also a Battle Hymn of Hygiene and a game in which players try to recognize Biden's teeth from a group that includes toothy celebrities like Tom Cruise, Steve Buscemi and Mike Tyson.
  There's also a testimonials page, where fans write stuff like this: "It's like the whitest clouds and the strongest mountain had a baby. Spectacular. These are Gods teeth."
  The site, which is in no way endorsed by Biden, says its mission is to "reduce our dependency on porcelain and metal fillings through the investment in clean and renewable enamel." The designers also say they would love to appear "on The Colbert Report in bear costumes."

—Posted by Becky Ebenkamp



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