Butterball's Turkey Talk-Line again set to save panicked cooks

Posted on Wed Nov 25 2009


We were watching CNBC's Squawk Box at the gym today when co-anchor Joe Kernen started talking about turkey-making tips all of a sudden. Granted, it's Thanksgiving tomorrow, but what's the co-anchor of a major morning business-news show doing talking about turkey? Butterball, it turns out, will operate its Turkey Talk-Line at 1-800-BUTTERBALL for the 29th straight year to educate panicked home cooks on turkey do's and don'ts going into the festivities tomorrow. Some tips: The suggested serving size is one pound and a half pounds per person (allowing for leftovers). Unstuffed turkeys should be cooked at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for three to four hours, and four to six hours for stuffed birds. Butterball is also answering consumers' call for help via its Facebook page. We're on a last-minute cooking streak ourselves, so this will come in handy!

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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