Local search is quite an emotional experience at AT&T's YP.com

By David Kiefaber on Wed Sep 15 2010

AT&T is rebranding Yellowpages.com as YP.com, a hip, modern local search site for people too busy to read or type entire words. The telecom titan hired Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners to make some ads for them. "Click less. Live more" is the slogan they came up with, and the TV, print, outdoor and digital ads will explore the human side of Web searches. So far, the ads range from the obvious (Mom with a sick child looking up pharmacies) to the fairly inventive (a guy looking for auto parts to recapture a childhood memory), and the idea is to move beyond the "functional" side of local searching into the "emotional" side, according to AT&T advertising vp Erick Soderstrom. (In a bizarre Mr. Miyagi moment, Soderstrom adds that modern Web searching is "less about what you are trying to find as opposed to what are the resources you are looking for.") Check out a second spot after the jump.

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Mini Clubman: roomy enough to host giant rolling highway orgy

Posted on Tue Mar 9 2010

This new spot for Mini's Clubman from Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners is designed to show how roomy the car is, but it also seems to be endorsing all kinds of moving violations as well as making a claim about virility usually reserved for sports cars. In the spot, which was shot in England but features American actors (or at least, American accents), a cop pulls a Mini Clubman over and asks the driver if the car is his. "Uh, no. It's, uh, Barry's," the gold-lamé-clad driver answers, as '70s-style disco music plays in the car. "Well, where is Barry?" the cop asks. What follows is an artfully shot sequence in which the car is made to seem much larger than it is, like maybe a Mini stretch limo. Barry eventually appears in tighty-whities and an open shirt. "I'm Barry," he says with questionable authority. "Is there a problem, officer?" Voiceover: "Mini Clubman. Plenty of room for ... whatever." What's clever about the ad is that it makes two claims. Yes, it shows the Clubman is roomy. But it also makes a case that middle-aged out-of-shape guys can be hosting mobile orgies, if only they buy the right car.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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