Last chance to get your official 'Mad Men' Brooks Brothers suit

Posted on Fri Nov 6 2009


Fans of the AMC show Mad Men don't need to be told that the season-three finale airs this Sunday night. But if you want to do more than just watch the show—specifically, if you want to dress like dashing Sterling Cooper creative director Don Draper—you'd better shake a leg, daddy-o. The official Mad Men Edition Suit from upscale clothier Brooks Brothers (which has made almost all the clothes for the show's male characters) is nearly sold out. "The run was limited to 250 suits," says Brooks Brothers director of communications Arthur Wayne, "and there are only a few left." Since going on sale Oct. 9, the gray sharkskin ensemble (list: $998) has been a brisk seller. BB's Rodeo Drive store sold out of the special threads after only three days. And no wonder: It's not often that a retailer will sell you pretty much the same outfit that a costume designer makes for TV. But in this case, it was a bit of reverse engineering. Brooks Brothers—the haberdasher of choice for generations of business sharks—consulted with Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant, opening its archive of catalogs from the early 1960s. The Mad Men Edition Suit differs from what actor John Hamm wears on the set in one major respect: It has a much lower waist. "Pants were high-waisted in 1963," Wayne says, adding that some contemporary adjustments were necessary. "Our suit has a more contemporary fit," he says. After all, "the guy buying this is style conscious."

—Posted by Robert Klara



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