Abandoned New York storefronts used to shill Bols Genever

By Todd Wasserman on Wed Jul 28 2010
Day As we’ve previously noted, the phenomenon of recession-driven abandoned storefronts has been an opportunity for guerrilla marketers. Where most people see urban blight, they see a canvas for brand promotion. The latest to embrace the idea is Bols, the Dutch distiller, which is promoting its Genever product with abandoned storefront takeovers in New York. The one pictured, in Williiamsburg, features a small slot (between the “f” and the “e” in “perftect”) where passers-by can peer into what looks like a modern art painting/display. (To get a better idea what it looks like, click here.)The slot is also lit up at night, adding to its curiosity factor. That’s just one part of a campaign from Beattie McGuinness Bungay that also includes logoed stainless steel straws at high-end bars and a Facebook page where attendees at Bols’ parties can tag themselves. As for the spirit, it’s been around for a long, long time and is described as tasting like a cross between vodka and scotch.



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