Exhumed BP board game hints at a once-beloved brand image

Posted on Tue Jul 6 2010
Article-1278367585317-0A53C952000005DC-229110_636x458 Here in the U.S., many of us of a certain age remember getting Hess trucks for Christmas. So it's perhaps not that strange that in the U.K., the BP brand name was so beloved and consumers were so environmentally oblivious that someone decided to launch a BP board game. BP Offshore Oil Strike—yes, that's what it was called—allowed 70s youths to imagine themselves would-be oil tycoons setting up platforms and laying pipelines to secure some black gold. According to this report, a Scottish firm called Printabox created the game, which didn't do very well at the time. Perhaps it's time for a new BP game called Clueless. I vote for Tony Hayward in the press room with a foot in his mouth.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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