Ad agency Mother helping novelty company with its weird ideas

Posted on Thu Feb 26 2009


Blue Q, a novelty company perhaps best known for its Jewish Mother Gum (tagline: "Again with the gum?"), has been spending time with another Mother lately: the ad agency Mother in New York. The agency has some sort of revenue-sharing agreement with the company, which sells its quirky products in outlets like Ricky's and Porto-Rico Importing Co. in New York. The latest venture between the two: refrigerator magnets! As usual, quirky themes abound. There's Dieting for Jesus ("Because that ass needs a miracle"), and the Men Crying set shown here (which should be a hit with most women out there). See a larger image of the Men Crying magnets here. One gets the feeling that a lot of this stuff is based on funny ideas that didn't make the cut for Mother clients like Rembrandt toothpaste and Johnson & Johnson's K-Y products. So, we'll give them an A+ for efficiently reusing content.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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