Blockbuster to launch a major we're-not-dead-yet ad campaign

By David Kiefaber on Mon Nov 22 2010


Remember the $125 million that Blockbuster Video got upon declaring bankruptcy back in September? Yeah, $15-20 million of that is going toward an ad campaign that takes shots at competitors Redbox and Netflix. Money well spent! Blockbuster is trying to bounce back by introducing a DVD kiosk line of its own, but they still want you to know that they have new releases almost a month before their competition. Why they would attempt to rebrand by stressing what clearly isn't a thriving business model is beyond me, especially since they haven't done a TV ad campaign in three years. Rebounding from financial limbo is never easy, granted, but Blockbuster just can't accept that its poor customer-service reputation (especially the ridiculous fees) eclipsed the monopoly they used to have on video rentals when better options surfaced. If they want to make this work, they have to change their service model and actually fix the bad juju they have with consumers. Otherwise, they're just wasting money, which they also do well in advance of their competitors.



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