Grocery chain says its Black History Month circular is just fine

Posted on Thu Feb 12 2009

Rainbow_Black_History_Mont copy

As we've mentioned previously, marketers are probably better off not trying to glom on to any special occasions that touch on issues of race. That's a lesson apparently unheeded by a Midwest supermarket called Rainbow.
  The chain is getting flak for a circular distributed last week that celebrates Black History Month with deals on "frying" chicken, collard greens and pork hocks—food staples often tied to stereotypical depictions of African Americans. See the full ad here. Vivian King, a rep for Rainbow's parent company Roundy's (and who happens to be African American), tells blogger Jason DeRusha that "in no way was this ad intended to offend African Americans or anybody else.  On the contrary, this ad was intended to celebrate Black History Month and African American culture by sharing with our customers some of the contributions African Americans have made to the grocery industry."
  BrandFreak couldn't reach King for comment.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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