Bisquick keeps food alive, and didn't even go to medical school

Posted on Fri Oct 23 2009

It's disappointing when food spoils, but this humorous ad for Bisquick by McCann in New York takes the concept a step further and shows the tragedy of letting leftovers go to waste. The scenario is a typical kitchen setting, where a woman prepares a meal, and her husband exclaims: "TGIF, honey!" That's when it dawns on the woman that it's Friday and her leftover roasted chicken has been sitting in the fridge for a while. The mangled fowl is then rushed to the ER, where doctors try to revive it. But it's hopeless. Nothing can be done to bring it back to life. The woman wails in agony, and for a moment it feels as if you're watching a hospital drama on TV: devastated relatives, realistic doctors, dramatic lighting. Then you remember that a chicken just flew off a gurney after being zapped by a defibrillator. There's a special Web site, where you can get recipes for keeping "leftovers alive." And avoiding a trip to the emergency room.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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