Let's just be thankful that Yaz's balloons commercial got burst

Posted on Thu Jun 11 2009

This Yaz birth-control commercial has come and gone, but the annoyingly catchy song "Goodbye to You" by the Veronicas remains in my mind nearly a year later. In retrospect, the ad is more ridiculous than ever—women gazing romantically at a sky of colorful balloons carrying messages such as "fatigue," "increased appetite," "moodiness" and "bloating." Interestingly, only some women take notice of the onrush of balloons, while others appear ignorant (e.g., the woman running in the park, unaware of the balloons potentially streaming from her uterus). I wonder, is anyone alarmed by the stampede of balloons? Furthermore, whom (or what) are these women saying goodbye to? Condoms? Babies? Men? If you haven't noticed, the opposite sex is mysteriously absent in the warped universe of Yaz birth control. While these attractive, oblivious women rejoice, and their problems float away in colorful bubbles, the voiceover describes the potential complications that may arise from taking Yaz. Apparently, it didn't do a good enough job. The FDA burst Yaz's bubble by saying the ad overpromised. Goodbye to you!

—Posted by Allison Shafir



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