Green movement finds perfect mode of transport: wooden bikes

Posted on Tue Apr 20 2010


It was bound to happen sooner or later. Now that the green movement has woven its organic fibers into most everything we eat, wear and scrub the floor with, isn't it about time we can ride it down the street, too? A fledgling company in Amherst, Mass., called Sylvan Cycles has quietly begun to sell what has to be the greenest of all green things: bicycles made out of wood. But they're hardly the rickety contraptions that might come to mind. Few consumers realize that wood has a higher tensile strength-to-weight ratio than steel. "In terms of pure material properties, wood is actually a high-performance material," says Sylvan co-founder and inventor John Fabel. "It works well structurally, and it has a tremendous ride quality." It's also sustainably sourced—and it shur is purty. Now, instead of stashing your ugly-ass bike in the garage, you can leave it in the living room to show off when company comes over. Only thing is, the price might make you bark. Complete bikes start at $4,900. At least you won't need gas money.

—Posted by Robert Klara



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