Cheetahs are cool, tree frogs questionable, in BFGoodrich ads

By David Kiefaber on Thu Jul 15 2010

BFGoodrich's "Bolt On" campaign is all about grip, acceleration and durability, and the tire maker has turned to the animal kingdom for appropriate symbolism. The cheetah is the obvious ambassador for acceleration and durability, and apparently the tree frog best represents grip. Huh. Didn't think they'd start with the frog. It wasn't a bad or uninformed choice, mind you—tree frogs have exceptionally strong (and sometimes opposable) fingers and toes, resulting in a grip tighter than Shakira's pants. But it still seemed like an odd and random choice. Starting the campaign, from The Martin Agency, with more familiar analogies like the cheetah might have provided better context for it. Still, I suppose the tree frog isn't the least masculine example of grip. They could have used a koala, right?



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