Beyonce is totally in love with the Nintendo DSi, and vice versa

Posted on Mon Apr 6 2009

It must be nice to be a big star like Beyonce. All she has to do is spend a few minutes enjoying a game on a Nintendo DSi, and the next thing you know, people are watching the clip all over the Internet. This ad, which shows the superstar singer sitting on a couch and playing a new game called Rhythm Heaven, has gotten more than 65,000 views so far on YouTube, and it looks like Beyonce didn't even have to break a sweat—a fact that's underscored by a seven-minute "making-of" video (which has also gotten more than 50,000 views) showing Mrs. Hova getting made up and coached a bit on the game and playing with her nephew. Both are great advertisements for Beyonce herself, who comes across as pleasant and un-diva-ish. Good thing the roboglove-clad Sasha Fierce wasn't around to ruin things.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Hoover ad sucks the life out of classic soul tune

Posted on Tue Feb 24 2009

Hoover_vacuum There's a new entry on the ongoing list of egregious misuse of famous songs as TV ad soundtracks. The Etta James classic, At Last, now describes the joy at finding not a soul mate but a Hoover Platinum Collection vacuum cleaner. The campaign, dubbed Clean Freaks Rejoice, marks a return to TV for the marketer, with ads from The Martin Agency. The spots include images of neatniks looking longingly at the Hoover. Is that funny? Would it help if this poignant jazz standard hadn't been remade recently? Beyonce  sang it in Cadillac Records, a period flick about a legendary R&B label. Since then, despite James' criticism, the pop queen proceeded to beat the song into the ground with a litany of high profile appearances.  President Obama's inaugural parties? Check. The Oscars? Check. It's as overexposed as she is. And now it's shilling household dust busters. Is it as bad as Iggy Pop's heroin addiction ditty, Lust for Life, used as a theme for frolicking vacations on Royal Caribbean cruise lines? No, but it's still just wrong.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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