Ben & Jerry's agrees to stop labeling its ice cream as 'all natural'

By David Kiefaber on Wed Sep 29 2010


Ben & Jerry's is no longer promoting its ice cream as "all natural," thanks to some meddling by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, who told the company last month that "all-natural" food doesn't contain alkalized cocoa, corn syrup, hydrogenated oil or similar ickies. How they came to this decision is uncertain, as the FDA hasn't made any real effort to define "natural," but Ben & Jerry's agreed to remove the "all-natural" label anyway. I personally don't care what's in Americone Dream as long as the taste doesn't change, and I'm probably better off not knowing (which is also how I feel about most cajun food). I suppose it is weird to claim you have all-natural flavors when there's no real consensus on what those are, but I can't see people caring too much. The suburban eco-hippies who flock to Ben & Jerry's have been projecting their beliefs on the company for too long to stop now. Via Consumerist.

Ben & Jerry's iPhone app adds trippy augmented-reality element

By Elaine Wong on Mon Jul 12 2010


Ben & Jerry's has updated an iPhone application that brings the ice-cream experience to life, literally. The maker of such flavors as Phish and Chunky Monkey added a new augmented-reality feature called Moo Vision to its Scoop of Happiness app. As of launch time, there are four "dioramas" that come to life when you hold a pint of Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk, Cherry Garcia, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Milk & Cookies to your iPhone. The images include cage-free chickens, cows, cocoa farmers and Big Apple landmarks like the Statue of Liberty. Upon collecting all four dioramas, iPhone users get a special downloadable Ben & Jerry's mobile wallpaper. The app also allows people to link to social-networking sites like Facebook (to show off one's collection). At moment, we're just happy knowing our favorite ice-cream elements can jump off the screen.

Ben & Jerry's goes nuts for Obama with new 'Yes Pecan' flavor

Posted on Mon Jan 12 2009

Yespecanl copy

After taking a stab at fake politics, Ben & Jerry's is going for the real thing.
  The ice-cream maker, which released a specialty flavor called Stephen Colbert's AmeriCone Dream (vanilla, caramel and chocolate-covered Waffle Bits) in 2007, is now honoring incoming President Barack Obama by renaming its butter-pecan flavor as "Yes Pecan," echoing Obama's "Yes, we can" campaign slogan.
  B&J's is donating proceeds of sales of the newly minted (though not newly minty) flavor to Common Cause, a nonpartisan, nonprofit political advocacy group. Why so? "They are committed to honest, open and accountable government, as well as encouraging citizen participation in democracy," says the Ben & Jerry site.
  The new flavor, with its "amber waves of buttery ice cream with roasted non-partisan pecans," already seems to be a hit. "Gotta love those B&J marketers, trippin on beanbags, brainstorming up Yes PECAN! Luv it!" writes one Facebook user. It all makes the search for the next presidential dog pale in comparison. Forget the Labradoodle and the Portuguese water hound. We all scream for ice cream!

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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