L.A.'s rolling Bathroom Truck a golden opportunity for marketers

Posted on Fri Apr 2 2010


Caution: bathroom humor ahead! Here's what a few smart marketers have learned about catering to people's on-the-go lives: Open a public potty, create buttloads of goodwill. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) It started with Charmin's sparkling-clean toilets in Times Square at holiday time. An overwhelming success, it's become an annual event, with more amenities and media gimmicks added each year. Now, a new player on the Left Coast promises to help out roadside pee-pee dancers in the Los Angeles area with a tricked-out rolling john called the Bathroom Truck. Backed by a group called the Coalition of Food Trucks, the designer potty has started making a splash, so to speak, traveling behind some of the town's most popular food trucks. (Exotic food on wheels has become a phenom in this car-crazy city, and the Bathroom Truck intends to tail the likes of Fish Lips Sushi, Baby's Badass Burgers, Kogi BBQ and Nom Nom, among others.) Features include comfy Tempur-Pedic seat covers, cushy Charmin paper, a bidet and an attendant with a strong stomach and a bunch of primping items and Lifesavers. Since the coalition is a non-profit group, sponsorships have to be in the offing. Charmin could go for an East Coast-West Coast domination of the mobile potty business, which would be a natural. Or some other brand could wade in. Hat tip to Thrillist for pointing out the new sanitation station.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

How nasty is that toilet? Charmin does the dirty work to find out

Posted on Thu Mar 19 2009

Sit or squat

Procter & Gamble's Charmin has partnered with SitOrSquat, a Web site that allows picky pottygoers to identify the cleanest (or dirtiest) toilets around. The application is available for download on most BlackBerrys and iPhones. Users enter their target city and state, and a host of available toilets—all "sit" or "squat"—pop up. The clean freaks at BrandFreak were a bit skeptical, so we punched in our hometown—Philadelphia, Pa.—to give it a try. The elegant French hotel Sofitel in Center City was a must-"sit" (according to one user's review), but the bathrooms at the highly crowded Reading Terminal Market were a "squat," indeed. "Really gross. Emergencies only!" one post reads. Agreed! Agreed!

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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