Burtify yourself for Earth Day with Burt's Bees special promotion

Posted on Wed Apr 21 2010

Do I need to find my Burt? Apparently so, says an online promotion for Burt's Bees and an event that'll be happening in Times Square on Thursday, which is Earth Day. I don't know about the rest of you, but even as a fan of the products (the Super Shiny lip gloss is fantastic!), I've never given much thought to the guy himself. That would be Burt Shavitz, a Maine-based beekeeper and co-founder of the nature-loving company. But I'm considering Burtifying myself via webcam on the FindYourBurt.com site, which involves getting a bushy beard, mutton chops and a goofy hat. Why not? It'll also tell me how Earth-friendly I am (so I can be closer to Burt-ness). While I'm there, I'll see factoids like this: "The Burt's Bees manufacturing facility has zero landfill waste." If you're out and about in midtown on Earth Day, you can see the marketer's philosophy at work. Five bearded Burt look-alikes will be pedaling human-powered bike blenders and making smoothies entirely out of Burt's Bees beauty product ingredients (stuff like milk, honey, mango, yogurt, banana and pomegranate). There will be other sampling, like zero-waste "Burt Kits," giveaways and a free yoga class in Central Park, all via the marketer's new agency, Baldwin& of Durham, N.C. So, go ahead and Burtify. You can always beautify later.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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