David and Victoria make a porny ad for Emporio Armani

Posted on Wed Jul 15 2009

Though they remain obscure to most of us Yanks, Victoria and David Beckham are sort of the Brangelina of the U.K. and getting them to prance around in Emporio Armani underwear is something of a big deal. This 1:20 video, which has gotten more than 200,000 views in a week or so, shows the two of them getting made up for a shoot that involves them both lovingly fondling a rope and making ridiculously soulful faces while doing so. Then they're put in a kind of cage/coffee table thing and finally—cut!—we see the two breaking character and laughing with the crew as they view pictures of themselves. Surely, the fans are eating this stuff up, right? Well, not everyone. Says one YouTube critic: "She ain't hot..shes a stick but she would be if she put a bit of weight on and hes just getting too old now lol." Ouch.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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