Lipton Brisk gets a canny, AriZona-like packaging makeover

Posted on Fri Jun 25 2010


If you haven't checked in on Lipton Brisk in a while, you might be surprised to see the metamorphosis it's undergone of late. Last month, the brand started rolling out new 23.5 oz. (tall boy) 99 cent cans sporting new designs by artists like Tristan Eaton, Sopa and McFaul Studio. The overall effect is that they look quite a bit like AriZona's iced teas. The packaging overhaul was overseen by Safari Sundays, which is based in New York, but handles a lot of PepsiCo work abroad. Brisk, which is distributed in a joint venture between Pepsi and Unilever, had previously sported more traditional packaging, but was known for its offbeat animated ads featuring Babe Ruth, Frank Sinatra and Bruce Lee, among other dead celebs.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

AriZona iced tea might wish it had a different name these days

Posted on Thu Apr 29 2010

Arizona Iced-tea maker AriZona is experiencing some collateral damage in the immigration debate over a new law in the state of Arizona. Since the law passed, making it a crime for illegal immigrants to be in the state and requires police to check citizens for evidence of legal status, opponents have called for a boycott of the state. On Tuesday, a comic writer named Travis Nichols suggested—jokingly, we think—that consumers should also boycott AriZona iced tea because it's "the drink of fascists." For whatever reason, others took Nichols up on the idea, even though the brand, now owned by Ferolito, Vultaggio & Sons, is based in New York. Responding to the bone-headed criticism, Don Vultaggio, founder and chairman of AriZona Beverages, set the record straight on the company's Web site: "We are very proud to be an American company with roots in New York," he wrote. No word yet if JCPenney brand Arizona Jeans is caught up in the debate as well. The company wisely changed the name to AZ Jeans a while back.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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