Become an Arby's mascot with chain's Juniorize Me online app

By Elena Malykhina on Mon Jul 19 2010


To promote its new Jr. Deluxe value-menu sandwich, Arby's has launched its first online application that allows consumers to morph themselves into the fast-food chain's 3-D animated Junior character. The Juniorize Me app uses imaging technology that transforms a photo once it's been uploaded. Users can add an audio message to the character—either a male or female voice—and share it with friends on social nets, blogs or via e-mail. While similar apps from other brands may be ambiguous at times, the advertising message isn't lacking in Arby's case. Junior holds an Arby's meal in his hands, while his hat reads: "Arby's roast beef sandwich is delicious." The fast feeder is touting the new app everywhere, including its Facebook page. I tried uploading my own photo, but the end result was too creepy to share with the world. (The robotic voice made it even creepier.) Don't take my word for it though. Try it for yourself.



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