New marketing spin for washing machines: They're cat-friendly!

Posted on Fri May 28 2010


Straight from Sydney, Australia (and via Reuters, no less), came Thursday's news that a kitten named Kimba had miraculously survived an entire cold-wash cycle in the washing machine of one Rogers family. The cat, a gray Persian, had apparently fallen asleep on a load of dirty clothes, then got shut in the machine for a wash (one that included a high-speed spin cycle) by her unwitting owner, Brendon Rogers, who told the wire service that his cat looked "like a drowned rat" when she emerged.
  The report didn't happen to mention the brand of the washing machine, but it got us thinking: Could this be an untapped branding opportunity? A quick peek at YouTube reveals a stunning variety of home videos that involve cats and washing machines—including "Alex in Washer," "Wishy Washy Cat" and the unforgettable "Chuck's Spin Cycle." Most of the models appear to be Whirlpools and Maytags, but a few boutique brands make appearances, too. (Granted, many of these videos simply show felines pawing at the glass while the clothes curl on the other side, but a good many show them inside the machines.)
  So, how about it, Kenmore or LG? We can see the tagline now: "Tough on dirt. Easy on kitties."

—Posted by Robert Klara



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