Nicorette Suckometer knows how much it sucks to quit smoking

Posted on Mon Dec 7 2009

The New York Times recently noted that the term "douche" has gained wide currency, but what about the word "sucks"? I'm not sure you could have run a commercial in, say, 1990 that used the word, but in 2009, it's apparently OK. This Nicorette ad from TBWA\Chiat\Day not only adds "sucks" to the script, but makes a device called a Suckometer a central character. (Could this be an offshoot of the Clash's famous Bullshit Detector?) The Suckometer is activated when a haggard young man is caught in traffic and looks enviously upon another driver's cigarette. "Man, quitting sucks," he thinks to himself. Nicorette, meanwhile, gets somewhat faint praise. It's not a miracle drug, but it "makes quitting suck less." Maybe other marketers could follow this approach. Starbucks can tout its ability to make waking up suck less. And it's only a matter of time before Scope boasts that it "makes your breath smell less like shit."

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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