Ann Taylor learning Photoshop from the people at Ralph Lauren

Posted on Fri May 28 2010


Did the fashion world learn nothing from the Ralph Lauren Photoshop controversy of last fall? That would be the heinous print ad where the model's head was actually wider than her hips and she was unrecognizable as a female form. Short answer: Nope. Pictures of models in Ann Taylor's new summer outfits on the marketer's Web site look like they've been stretched through a funhouse mirror. Major distortion! Just eyeballing it, I'd say the models' waists must be about 18 inches, and total body weight couldn't top 100 pounds. And these chicks look about Na'vi size—roughly 8 feet tall. Really, Ann Taylor? The feminist blog Jezebel busted you on this Photoshop-of-horrors, and you apologized, but those images are still on the site. Deplorable, and just plain dumb, especially since your sweet spot has always been adult, mostly professional women. You know, the ones with real bodies and middle-aged curves. You might want to think you cater to the young and hip (and/or size 00), but that's not the reality. Neither are these pictures.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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