Birthday yourself over at the American Cancer Society's new site

Posted on Fri May 21 2010


The last time I bought someone a birthday card, I picked one with a crass punch line about getting bitch slapped by Mother Nature. LMAO! My friend found it mildly amusing. Since there's so much angst associated with birthdays for a lot of us adults, it's hard to think of them as joyous occasions. There's cake, but won't that rot your teeth out and contribute to type 2 diabetes? The American Cancer Society, on the other hand, has a different view. Another birthday equals another year of survival, which means it's not time to throw a pity party, it's time to throw down! To that end, the health group has launched a new website where, in the grand tradition of "Elf Yourself" and others in that genre, you can turn yourself or a friend into a dancing birthday e-card. It's part of a larger campaign to brand the American Cancer Society under the "More Birthdays" banner and energize its education, advocacy and fundraising efforts. It also celebrates the 11 million cancer survivors who made it to another birthday this year. Check out the site and do a little jig.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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