Real creatives help fake creatives help Altoids in new Web series

Posted on Wed Sep 23 2009

It's hilarious to watch a bunch of dumb fictitious copywriters pitching lame advertising ideas for real-world brands, right? Yeah, maybe it was a dozen years ago, before everybody and their brother picked up that conceit for their commercials, with varying degrees of success. It may look easy, but it's not. The newest on the scene is a Webisode series called Brainstorm that centers on a struggling ad agency called Yogurt that's trying to win the Altoids business. "Creatives" at the firm come up with such possible taglines as, "The bicuriously strong mint," "White power," "Suck it, biatch" and "Roomba for your tongue." Who's going to save the day? A smarmy hotshot freelancer who prattles on about his global adventures and has invented something called twoggling (a combo of Twitter, Google and blogging). He also lifted an idea from a colleague—it's a butt-faced, fart-breathing guy who transforms with an Altoid. Don Draper, he is not. But of course, everybody loves it. The series, from Fox Mobile Studios, launches next week on a couple of sites and then goes wide to MySpace, YouTube, Metacafe, AT&T devices and others on Oct. 7. Altoids has always had a sense of humor about itself, deftly reflected in its advertising, but there's not much evidence of that in Brainstorm. Back to the storyboards, guys.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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