Will the real Wynonna Judd, supersize or not, please stand up?

Posted on Tue Mar 24 2009


It's one of the most reliable ways to market a weight loss product: show "before" and "after" photos of the subject, with the former being a supersized version of the svelte latter. Throw in some extra sculpting via Photoshop, and voila! Dramatic results!
  But in Wynonna Judd's campaign for GlaxoSmithKline's Alli, which is which? A blog called Pharma Marketing asks, rather indelicately, if the country singer's image has been altered so she appears somewhat slim on the cover of her new record, Sing, while she looks considerably heavier in ads and promotional materials for the over-the-counter diet aid. (The CD is a gift with purchase of Alli. Some 200,000 copies are being packaged with starter kits and refills of the product this spring.) If the record photo is the "after," then Alli has a really strong hook. It works! Judd has said, "I hope that I can inspire people to be better ... that they can see themselves in me and say, 'If she can do it, I can do it.' " But did she do it without a digital nip/tuck? Only the tour will tell.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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