Pretty soon you won't be able to find a single AIG logo anywhere

Posted on Fri Jun 12 2009


There are times when you know that wearing a certain logo will cause you some grief. Take, for example, tonight's Subway Series in New York between the Mets and the Yankees. You can be sure that everyone who shows up to the new Yankee Stadium in their Johan Santana and David Wright jerseys will catch hell from the home-team fans in the Bronx. Such a reaction, however, is far more surprising when it comes in response to a company logo. But that's exactly what is happening to AIG employees, according to a Bloomberg report. In a rare move, the company has removed its logo from employee business cards and badges because members of the company have been harassed. AIG has become the symbol of corporate greed to many after the news broke that it paid out $165 million in bonuses to the very same executives who drove the insurer to the brink of collapse. The company needed a $182.5 billion bailout from the government to survive. AIG has also removed its logo from its headquarters building in Manhattan and is in the process of rebranding its subsidiaries so it can sell them off. Apparently, selling anything with an AIG logo attached to it is a near impossibility. Sort of like trying to sell a Mike Piazza jersey to a Yankee fan.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein

AIG looks into buying a vowel to change sullied image

Posted on Fri Mar 27 2009

Aig_logo Contrary to headlines in the media, AIG is not changing its name to AIU. On March 2, the troubled company formed a holding company for its property casualty companies and is considering calling that American International Underwriters. The reason? John Jones, a rep for what is now tentatively known as AIU said those units are not receiving TARP money and are in comparatively good shape. But AIU is not necessarily the name that the company will stick with, Jones said. The company is conducting a brand review to see how consumers warm to the new moniker. "AIU Holdings plans to develop a 'go-to-market' name that reflects the financial strength and security that the insurance companies provide business and individual customers worldwide," the company wrote in a statement. "A new, effective brand for these businesses can increase their value for policyholders and the American taxpayer." Meanwhile, the Peter Group, Philadelphia, handles AIG's advertising account. Neither AIG nor AIU are planning any ads in the near future, Jones said.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

A few laughs in between all the screaming and crying over AIG

Posted on Thu Mar 19 2009

AIG has fast become one of the biggest financial villains of our time. Its $170 billion-plus bailout and million-dollar executive bonuses have sparked angry headlines all over the media. (My personal favorite is the "A.I.G. is a P.I.G." in the New York Daily News.) Meanwhile, humorous parodies like this one have been flooding YouTube. It's a real AIG commercial showing a concerned child discussing his parents' financial future, but in a dubbed voiceover, the father now says to the child: "Buddy, we got a federal government bailout." Another parody, the one posted here, surfaced on YouTube this week, alluding to AIG's "We know money" ads. It says: "Great performance takes great strength, like the financial strength of over $85 billion in your tax money. For over 85 years, suckers of the AIG companies have had more secure financial futures because … we know your bailout money." Need I say more?

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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