Cinematic 'Fable III' video-game trailer channels the Old Masters

By T.L. Stanley on Mon Oct 18 2010

By definition, commercials for video games need to be cinematic these days. For Fable III, the latest in the hit medieval franchise, San Francisco's agencytwofifteen tosses in another artsy layer: The spot looks like an Old Masters painting (or a bunch of them) brought to life. It debuted recently on Comedy Central, ESPN, Adult Swim, FX and other networks, with added drama from indie band The Black Angels' single "Young Men Dead." There are high hopes for Fable III, from U.K.'s Lionhead Studios, coming on the heels of 6.5 million unit sales for the first two installments. (There are plans in the works for parts IV and V, but only if Fable III outperforms its predecessors, according to Lionhead honcho Peter Molyneux.) For the launch of the threequel, which is an action-adventure/role-playing mashup, there are also online games, social media, print, in-theater and mobile under the "It's a revolution" tagline. The game and its soundtrack drop Oct. 26.



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