A&E fills taxi tops with crap to promote new season of 'Hoarders'

Posted on Mon Jan 25 2010


When it comes to out-of-home media, digital tends to get the lion's share of the attention these days. But sometimes a low-tech idea can also turn some heads. Take the promotion for the second season of Hoarders, the A&E reality series about obsessive pack rats. In New York, A&E has worked with Horizon Media and ShowMedia to disseminate 400 clear-plastic taxi-top displays that have old newspapers stuffed inside them. And don't worry, green types, the newspapers came from recycling centers.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Commodes are one hot commodity in ad campaigns this month

Posted on Tue Jun 30 2009


If you're a fan of public-restroom advertising, urine luck this month. Clear's WiMAX service, a new mobile Internet experience, is rolling out in a few markets this summer (Atlanta, Las Vegas) after debuting in Portland, Ore., in January. So is its out-of-home campaign, which was created by Secret Weapon Marketing in Los Angeles. "This is not a bathroom stall," a public-restroom-centric ad informs. Other executions are tailored to different locations, such as parking lots, restaurants and sports arenas. "It's a place to get super-fast mobile Internet." Who knew? The idea is to reinforce the message that Clear's service offers "the best Internet access, anywhere, anytime. Clear is Everywhere." Good to know—I just hope it's not watching me go potty.
  Meanwhile, talking "urinal cakes" featuring the face of Gene Simmons were the talk of the latrines when A&E partnered with Alloy Media + Marketing/AMP Agency for a buzz effort to promote its series Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Once "triggered," the disc spouts Simmons' typical brand of wisdom/humor, such as, "Even my tongue is bigger than that. ... Get out of here!" The targets are placed in 150 venues throughout hotspots in New York and Los Angeles—or at least they were. The cakes featuring the KISS leader's likeness have reportedly been lifted from various venues.

—Posted by Becky Ebenkamp



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