Adam Carolla leaves his mother-in-law in the dust for Klondike

Posted on Fri Jun 4 2010

Adam Carolla has created two pilots over the past year that never got picked up. We may never see what those sitcoms might have looked like, but we can get a glimpse from this 90-second ad for Klondike, the ice cream brand, that rolled out this week. Here, in a Klondike "Everyman Challenge," Carolla is charged with packing the car for a long ride. "Ah, the road trip with the in-laws, as American a tradition as the Fourth of July or Cinco de Mayo," says the ever-deadpan Carolla as he marshals the old folks into the car ("How bout you old prunes saddle up? Before the Grim Reaper gets ya! C'mon, he's gonna get ya!") Carolla then re-packs the car after his wife's initial fail (she couldn't fit his golf clubs, but made room for the shoe tree) and gets everything in, except the cooler with the Klondike bars, which prompts a fake slo-mo "nooooooo"  from Carolla and an admonishment from his wife to "stop acting in slow-motion." Carolla of course then 86's Grandma to make room for the cooler. Funny stuff from the under-utilized Carolla, but to really enjoy his surprisingly sharp off-the-cuff humor, check out his podcast.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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